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(100% positive reviews)
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AliDropship Plugin Top Features

Check out the main reasons why our AliExpress dropshipping plugin is the #1 choice for smart
ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world

Built-in themes
AliDropship Plugin offers you a range of carefully crafted themes. Being mobile-friendly and professionally designed, they are optimized to guarantee the highest conversions possible. Plus, you are free to customize them according to your business requirements and personal preferences
Single-click import from
Using AliDropship solutions, you simply need to visit AliExpress.com, open the page of the desired item and click the ‘Import’ button. The product, along with its variations, images, descriptions and customer reviews, will instantly appear on your website
Full compatibility
with WooCommerce
If your online store is built with WooCommerce, you can benefit from AliDropship Woo Plugin. This version of our dropshipping plugin has just the perfect set of functions to enhance your webstore performance and boost your profits
All-inclusive solution for
business management
Being user-friendly and highly functional, AliDropship Plugin gives you the opportunity to access and manage all the data regarding products, pricing, sales, profit, traffic stats and orders with the help of a single control panel

What Is In AliDropship Plugin For Me?

We are successful dropshippers ourselves and we practice what we preach.
Below is just a taste of what we have for you

Minutes to start making profits
The plugin has tons of functions, but if you only use the most important of them, it won’t take you even an hour to set up your own ready-to-go drop shipping store and start selling right away
Automation of all processes
AliDropship was created by a highly skilled team of experienced dropshippers who have a deep understanding of this business. And we’ve automated most of the day-to-day drop shipping operations for you
Free step-by-step guides
New to drop shipping? You’ll love our detailed guides. We are famous for our step-by-step guides that cover a range of different issues. These guides are written by relevant drop shipping experts
Free lifelong support
Afraid not when you are facing any difficulties using AliDropship. Our friendly support team is always ready to help you and give feedback on any topic. And we will never ask you to pay for support

AliDropship has helped thousands of people start
and grow their online business

Here is what our customers say:

Peter W.
Thanks for this big opportunity to...
Thanks for this big opportunity to Alidropship plugin developers and to the whole Alidropship team. Excellent solution for those who wants to start online business from scratch. Without any special knowledge or education within a week-two you can get a grasp of how this amazing technology works and realize that there is no limit for development.
The only thing you gonna regret is that you didn't try this earlier.
It is a clear winner
I would recommend the plugin to anyone who wants to set up their own dropshipping store. This method is much more desirable than using other similar vendors, as with this plugin you have total control over all aspects of the sales process, and you're not limited by any regulations. Once your store is profitable, it can be sold, as you would own the property and the website.
Everything is automated
After almost a week of using Alidropship, during which I built my dropshipping website from A to Z, I can honestly say that this plugin is a huge life saver! By automating everything, it literally saves hours or even days, depending on how big your aliexpress dropshipping webstore is, of manually adding products and monitoring them, time that you can spend instead promoting your site and getting sales.
Dave Dixon
I got my first sales!
It feels great. I sell on Amazon and eBay but this is different because I have no commission to pay other than to the payment processor! I am in total control of my performance, which is new to me. Thanks for an awesome dropshipping plugin, theme and support guys!
John Owens
No monthly payments!
I invested one time some money and now I am enjoying the automate procedures for life. For everyone, if you want the best script for dropship... Do not look around, you found it!
Hen Atia
Amazing customer support!
I want to thank AliDropship service for helping me with my site every time I need something they always happy to help and do a professional work and answer to my mails in very short time and do everything to my satisfaction thanks so much!
So easy and fast. Still can’t believe
I spent under an hour on the store and it looks amazing. I have a couple links and graphics still to change but nonetheless, a full functional store in less than an hour. I personally love the ease of use and haven't used anything like it. Thank You Guys! Truly the developers that knows what they’re doing.
Homer Dawson
The plugin is superb!
The process of configuring Alidropship plugin is very easy and straightforward. It took only a few minutes to configure the whole plugin. I used direct import feature of the plugin to import products from aliexpress because I wanted to import selected products only. The plugin imports all the product variations in one click.
Victoria F.
Great idea for a home-based business
It is a very good plugin for drop ship business, the products are great as well as the prices. I think it is a great idea for a home-based business.

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Shipping Solution That Can Bring You High Stable Profits?

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What Else Inside? Just Everything You Need

AliDropship offers a complete set of features providing opportunities,
even AliExpress dropshipping veterans will be impressed


Search & Import
Various integrated filters help you carefully scan AliExpress to quickly find the perfect products for your webstore
Auto Updating
The Plugin connects to AliExpress to automatically update the products’ data and stock availability info
Pricing Automation
Smart pricing markup formula helps you automatically modify prices of any items in your store
Automatic Orders Fulfillment
Orders are automatically redirected to AliExpress sellers as soon as you click the ‘Order’ button and confirm your purchase on AliExpress
ePacket Shipping Filter
Use this filter to find products with ePacket shipping option and provide your customers with hassle-free delivery service
Auto Order Tracking
The Plugin monitors tracking updates of the orders placed on your website, and automatically notifies your customers through emails


Built-in Themes
The Plugin comes with highly optimized themes that look great on any type of devices and can be easily customized
Product Customization
Add any items you like and feel free to improve their titles, rewrite descriptions, change images, increase prices, add or remove variations, etc
Unlimited Number of Products
Add and sell as many items as you like – the Plugin sets no limits on the number and type of products to sell in your store
Product Variations
Import items from AliExpress along with all their variations in sizes, colors, materials and other modifications
WooCommerce Support
Opt for WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin to benefit with multiple various Woo themes and extensions


Discount Coupons
Treat your customers with special offers: create coupons and set discounts for any products at your choice
Product Reviews
Import buyers’ reviews from AliExpress to help your store visitors make a choice, and to motivate them to place an order
SEO Product Tags
Improve your webstore’s ranking in search engines with the help of product specific meta tags, as well as optimized titles and descriptions
Abandoned Cart
Use the Plugin to send motivational emails to your potential clients who abandoned their shopping cart without making a purchase
Email Lists
Collect and use the email addresses of both your clients and people who left your store without placing their order


Live Statistics
Integrate the Plugin with your Google Analytics account to keep track of your traffic sources and visitors’ data
Payment Gateways Integration
Safely use the most common payment processors: AliDropship Plugin supports PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU, and many others
Inventory Management
Monitor products info with the help of the Plugin to quickly stop selling an item if your AliExpress seller runs out of it
All-in-One Dashboard
With this practical dashboard, you can keep an eye at your sales, orders, traffic and activities to make well-timed business decisions
Cash-Back System
Get 8% commission from each and every sale and enjoy this great bonus addition to your dropshipping profits
Free Updates & Support
Along with all-inclusive after-sales support, you enjoy lifelong free updates of the Plugin to benefit from every new option and feature

Meet People Who’ve Already Made Money With AliDropship

We take pride in having some of the most inspiring success stories in drop shipping
business. Here's a small glance of what some our clients have achieved

Daniel, Uganda:
$80k-$150k Per Month Thanks to Drop Shipping
There may be a first impression that you need a huge volume of knowledge or some set of special skills to effectively manage a webstore, but that is a false impression. You should just start and you will not even notice how all the things will turn straightforward and easy for you.
Martin, Netherlands:
4,100+ EUR In 30 Days
Alidrophip plugin will do for you more than 80% of all the work. I would recommend the plugin to anyone who wants to get started with drop shipping and to those who are already involved in this business and need tools that will allow growing quickly.
Kingpin, USA/India:
$28,000+ in Sales With a Brand New Store
Online business, especially ecommerce, is really easy if you know what you're doing and use the right tools. 30 days back I opened my new some cool stuffs store and its results are just amazing. 15 days outcomes: $20K in profits from 6 stores altogether.
Mousslim, France:
$24,000 for the First 3 Months
Big thanks to Yaros and the whole team behind AliDropship Plugin! At first I was quite sceptical about $89 plugin purchase. But it turned into the best investment I've ever made! My results much exceed my expectations and I'm very happy with that.

Will You Be Another Success Story?

Everyone started from the bottom, it’s a universal truth. The people who make it to the top and stay there are those who know you need an edge.
And we can be your edge. So take the plunge!

AliDropship plugin will be the best investment you’ve made in online business. Join our community
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100% Money
Back Guarantee

You have all of 60 days to see if AliDropship is right for you. Pretty enough to see how profitable this automated tool is. And we will give you your money back without any questions if during these first 60 days you are not satisfied whatever the reasons are.

*NOTE: This is a one-time payment, and there are no recurring fees

How Exactly It Works?

You can have your fully functioning dropshipping webstore with AliDropship plugin in 5 simple steps

Step 1
You install the plugin
The plugin installation will turn your site into a commercially fruitful destination. Just follow the detailed setup instructions provided, and feel free to bother the support team if necessary
Step 2
You customize your webstore
Not a rocket science at all. The plugin allows you to choose between several site themes, so just pick the one you fancy. You can also upload a store logo or change the color scheme, but you don’t have to do all this at once – just go with the basics for a start
Step 3
You add items to your store
The dropshipping plugin connects to AliExpress and searches this platform for the items you like. It uses parameters that you specify (product category, relevant keywords, average feedback score, etc.) to scan through AliExpress and automatically adds all the suitable items to your drop shipping store
Step 4
You set the pricing markup formula
The profit from your drop shipping business is the difference between the supplier’s selling price and your own selling price. You simply want to increase all the supplier’s prices 3 times? Okay. 5 times? Okay
Step 5
You make money with no limit
And that’s it! Your drop shipping store is ready to welcome and serve customers. You can sell virtually any product from anywhere. You can scale as much as you want and there is no limit to how much money you can make

Thousands of Amazing Stores Already Built
with AliDropship Plugin

Check out some of them

The Mastermind Behind AliDropship
AliDropship is led by a stellar team and was founded by industry leader and well-known educator

Dear friends, We’ve created AliDropship plugin based on our solid and diversified experience in dropshipping business. Every single feature was tested on dozens of our own projects – and polished with the help of dropshippers from all over the world. This hard work and joint research resulted in the product that really drives businesses to success. And we are really proud of it. You are welcome to get the most of our AliExpress dropshipping plugin and our customer support: it’s high time to start building your prosperous future.

Sincerely, Yaroslav Nevsky
CEO & Co-Founder

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